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Monday, November 15, 2004

The Fun Polizia are at it Again!

It looks like the fun Nazis are at it again. According to an article from Reuters, little Deirdre Faegre has been suspended from her school in Los Angeles because she was, gasp, doing cartwheels. My god, what is next somersaults or ever worse the dreaded handstands? The fun Gestapo has gotten out of hand over the last few years removing the fun activities from the children's playgrounds and gym classes. School officials and "Safety Polizei" do not want them to have "winners and losers," they feel that this may scar the little tykes for life if they are not all labeled winners all of the time. Heaven forbid a child scrape their knee, bruise themselves, or otherwise come to grief. Where did all the fun stuff on the playground go, sure there were minor casualties, but you either got better at it or tried something else. Children of all ages used to have recess and time to run around and burn up excess energy from being pent up for seven and a half hours a day just listening and lining up in hallways (there would have been a whole lot less call for ritalin et al, and a whole lots less obese children). Lawyers and Government schools have taken all the fun out of being a child. Principal Denise Patton's "first concern is the safety of all children." I think it's high time that we go back and find Ms. Patton's grade school Principal and string her up. Let's find out why she was so callus in allowing the children of her school to gallivant around the playground and play on Chinese merry-go-rounds, teeter-totters, jungle gyms and all of the other recess monstrosities that Ms. Patton had so deftly dodged as a child. Ms. Patton and her entire graduating class of 11-year olds deserve medals, the ones that lived unscathed from the maniacal playground menaces, for what they had to endure. If they only knew, If they only knew.
CJ, 11/15/2004 11:14:00 AM


she was in my class.everyone hated her!hated!little snotty bitch thinks she knows everything.THANK GOD.she got expelled
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