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Monday, February 14, 2005

Bush to Leave Budget filled with Landmines

President Bush today sent to Congress a request for 81 Billion dollars worth of spending for this fiscal year for military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. That same amount of money could feed a million staving people in the World for 8000 days or just over 22 years! He also wants to send another 600 million to Asian nations hit hard because of the Tsunami on December 26th. Have we not done enough for these people? What about the people that were hit after the first World Trade Center attack. They were given NOTHING!
I believe in a strong Defense of the the United States but we have done what we need to do in Iraq, supposedly, and it is now time to make an "Exit Strategy" (one that we do not have at this time) and get the hell out. We do not hear a thing about what goes on in Afghanistan, but we spend billions of hard earned taxpayers money there with nary a plan. We have pressing issues at home and many peoples lives are falling apart because of this presidents social agenda, bring the troops home and let them put their lives back together as they too have had their live ripped apart from under them.
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Friday, November 19, 2004

Why is it...Cell phones in Restaurants

Why is it...That everybody feels it is necessary that I am included in their cell phone conversations while in a restaurant? I am getting fed up with trying to have a decent meal out, and having some phone moron (phoron) with his bleeping or chirping phone, with their cutesy-pie ringers, disturb me. Then as they continue to yell into their phone, as if it was a tin-can on a string, their dinner guest sits with a dumbed out look on their face for minutes on end. I on the other hand have to be included in their all too important calls about their; hair appointment of yesterday, their mother-in-law, what they are eating, etc. This absolutely infuriates me. When a phoron is confronted they almost always have no idea what you are talking about, as if that isn't suprising enough, but they sometimes even become irate, saying it is their right! My next act is to purchase a cell phone Jammer. What this gadget does is block the incoming tower signal, showing only that their phone has no signal at the moment, so I may eat and talk in piece. Am I infringing on these peoples personal freedoms? Maybe. Are they infringing on mine? Most definitely! Restaurants should have enacted a policy where cell phones should not be allowed in their dining rooms long ago. If they do not want to do this, at the very least they should start reminding their guests to put phones on vibrate. Then if a call is received, the caller should leave the dining area and take the call outside, in the bar area or somewhere where everyone doesn't have to hear them speak ten decibles louder than normal. Do not sit there and act as if you are the most important person in the room and everyone needs to hear your business. This goes back to common courtesy and how we treat others and how you would like to be treated. Open your minds and think once in a while people, it doesn't hurt as much as you imagine.
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Monday, November 15, 2004

The Fun Polizia are at it Again!

It looks like the fun Nazis are at it again. According to an article from Reuters, little Deirdre Faegre has been suspended from her school in Los Angeles because she was, gasp, doing cartwheels. My god, what is next somersaults or ever worse the dreaded handstands? The fun Gestapo has gotten out of hand over the last few years removing the fun activities from the children's playgrounds and gym classes. School officials and "Safety Polizei" do not want them to have "winners and losers," they feel that this may scar the little tykes for life if they are not all labeled winners all of the time. Heaven forbid a child scrape their knee, bruise themselves, or otherwise come to grief. Where did all the fun stuff on the playground go, sure there were minor casualties, but you either got better at it or tried something else. Children of all ages used to have recess and time to run around and burn up excess energy from being pent up for seven and a half hours a day just listening and lining up in hallways (there would have been a whole lot less call for ritalin et al, and a whole lots less obese children). Lawyers and Government schools have taken all the fun out of being a child. Principal Denise Patton's "first concern is the safety of all children." I think it's high time that we go back and find Ms. Patton's grade school Principal and string her up. Let's find out why she was so callus in allowing the children of her school to gallivant around the playground and play on Chinese merry-go-rounds, teeter-totters, jungle gyms and all of the other recess monstrosities that Ms. Patton had so deftly dodged as a child. Ms. Patton and her entire graduating class of 11-year olds deserve medals, the ones that lived unscathed from the maniacal playground menaces, for what they had to endure. If they only knew, If they only knew.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Video Games

Like a three dimensional chess board, moving aircraft left and right, up and down, take-off and landing clearances. Countless day shifts, night shifts, mid shifts and overtime. The lost sleep, returning back to the Tower/TRACON seemingly just after I had left it to do a "quick turn around." Three miles and a Thousand feet, sometimes more, more times than can be counted, less. Supervisors always looking the other way. The adrenaline rush of launching the Delta fleet in the quickest amount of time from the busiest airport in the World, or landing them in the shortest amount time with the least amount of spacing. That is all gone now. Thanks to an employee who did not take the care in his job, as I did in mine. Days now consist of filing Department of Labor paperwork, fighting with doctors about my condition and most importantly arguing with the FAA, the Giant who I gave 17 years of my life and love to, about why they only think that I can be useful as a Secretary. Where is the civility and the common sense? My brain is filled with routes, rules, frequencies, laws, etc. but slowly it seeps out of my cranium like the memories of a lifetime long lost. It was all once a video game, and I was the Pinball Wizard, moving aircraft like they were my toys being rearranged at a whim. Now it is gone like the hazy memories of my childhood youth.
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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Why is it...

Why is it...that gay doesn't mean happy anymore? Anytime that you turn on the television, read a newspaper or scan a magazine we are smothered with gay stories and how unfair it is to be gay. I do not go and force my sexual orientation on you, do not force yours on me. Why is it...that a turn signal seems to be a sign of weakness. Here is Atlanta, if you turn on your signal to show that you are going to shift lanes it is nothing more than an indicator for the person in that lane to speed up so you cannot fit in any more. Why is it...that NOBODY can take responsibility for anything that they do when something bad happens. It is always someone else's fault. The generation of today, Generation A for Apathetic, feels that no matter how culpable they are in a situation that it is not there fault. Sometimes I feel we live in a land of Iraqis because whenever something is said to this generation about why this or that wasn't done, their response is "YABUTIWASGUNNA" (say it fast). Why is it...that parents nowadays feel that the sole burden of teaching, and to a great extent raising, their children falls on the school system? A parents role is to nurture their child, be there for them, help them with homework and make sure it is done correctly so they may receive a good education a make something of themselves. It is a scarier World than ever and the parents role is to provide guidance, direction, tools and knowledge to make the right decisions once the child is out on their own. As I have always told my children; in life you will come to many crossroads with difficult decisions and if you make the wrong decisions you will have to live with your choices, sometimes for a very long time. It is the parents responsibility to instill honesty, values, work ethic and the other assortment of needed traits to make them productive adults in society, not your local school systems.
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Leadership by Colin Powell

The day employee's stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them!
They have either lost confidence that you can help them or concluded that you do not care!
Either case is a failure of Leadership!
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